Company profile

Oriental Standard Network Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD, founded by well-known venture capital establishments Doll Capital Management and DT Capital Partners specializes in cross-border electronic commerce.

Oriental Standard is an international online retail company that delivers products to consumers in Japan, US and Europe. Our company offers products in three core categories: sports and outdoor equipment, luggage and home and garden. We utilize third-party ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten and our own online websites to reach consumers, where we accept payments through major credit cards and electronic payment platforms such as PayPal, and deliver goods via major international couriers including but not limited to: UPS, DHL, Interlink and Fedex.

Oriental Standard has established a comprehensive distribution network in Tokyo, Manchester, Los Angeles and New Jersey while also maintaining intimate relations with both domestic and foreign suppliers.

Company Development History

  • Growing-period

    • As a result of the global financial crisis, Oriental Standard transformed into a cross-border electronic company. In May 2010 we began operating online retail businesses in Japan and successfully created products that established themselves within the top 5 products in Rakuten, resulting in a venture capital firm investing in the company.


    • Amidst Oriental Standard’s success, we continued to advance by stepping up to the global pace of the online retail market. Expansion into the US market was achieved through the successful integration of our marketing channels with an American electronic commerce company that has 10 years of online retail experience and is based in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Beginnings

    • Oriental Standard marked its entrance with resounding success; following a business model that had never before been seen in the industry, we quickly became a leading outsourcing company in providing IT industry personnel training to the Japan market.


    • In June 2013, Oriental Standard made a strategic move by relocating its headquarters from Beijing to Suzhou Industrial Park to decrease distance between the company and vendors.

    Rapid-growth period

    • To overcome the limitations associated with third-party platforms, in 2015 our company began developing its own independent website and expanded into new product categories and warehousing systems. We are now fully equipped to expand into the European retail market.

Honors and Qualifications

1. The Fifth Asia-pacific Investment Summit: Won “The Most Valuable Enterprises of the Year" award.
2. The Second China Venture Capital BBS: Won the Chinese venture capital value list "The Most Investment Potential Enterprise" award.
3. China's Venture Investment Value List from "First Financial Daily" : Won the "Market Attracts The Most Attention” award and "Potential Top 50 Enterprises" two awards.
4. Jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance the "Service Outsourcing Business Development Funds", out of two companies, became one of the very first to receive support from the government of Beijing.

Moved company headquarters to Suzhou and became a key enterprises that fosters the growth of the modern service industry of Jiangsu province.

Working environment


Based in the USA, Comptree, Inc. is the sister company of Oriental Standard Network Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD and is located in Los Angeles, California.

Offering a wide range of products for consumers, this particular branch specializes in selling office supplies, hardware and network equipment, smart phones, digital cameras and an array of other high-demand product categories. Following the initial acquisition, we have further expanded product lines to include furniture and fashion related inventories such as cosmetic accessories, jewelry, watches, clocks and more.

The company has a lot of online customers. Products are purchased directly from the manufacturer and sold to the customers within the shortest time possible to complete the procedure of production and sales of docking.

To establish ourselves as the highest ranking in terms of customer satisfaction within the industry, we make a commitment to our customers through our promise to offer only the best products and most exceptional services.

In addition to operating our own independent website developed during our Rapid Growth period, we aim to diversify our online presence and are also successfully selling on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, New Eggs and Yahoo.

As we have broadened our scope into further expanding the diversity of our products and services, we subsequently established our warehouses in New Jersey and Los Angeles with our in-house logistic team. To create an enhanced shopping experience for our customers, we have supplemented our strategy with showrooms to heighten overall customer satisfaction while helping to bridge the gap between the factories we acquire our products from and the quintessential direct shopping experience.